Courses, Costs and Fees

The club is self-funding with a current annual subscription rate of 100 euros per year (50 euros unwaged). Fees are charged in respect of boat usage with a cost per person of €5 per use. Boat use during the week will not start until the brighter evenings come in March/April. During the weekend the club is open from 11 am to 4 pm. It is expected that club hours will increase during Summer hours.

At the weekend the less-experienced rowers will be supervised with crews/individuals coached from the bank to aid progression. As crews/individuals progress they can be free to go unsupervised provided they have reached a certain standard.

Introduction to rowing:
There are introductory courses that cost 20 per person. This covers all the major aspects of the stroke and should give the beginner a complete picture of what rowing entails. If someone wishes to join the club thereafter a reduced annual subscription of 70 euro applies.

For those wishing to dip a tentative oar in first an intro day (20 euro) is held every month where anyone can come down and receive basic instruction on the erg and be taken out for a spin.

Lessons are Euro 15 for Non Members and 10 for members and you are free to book a private lesson with any of the coaches.

Phoenix Rowing Club is also available for social rowing for companies/corporations whereby the club can be booked to take groups of between 6 and 8 people for an introductory session to rowing. This is a good team building exercise as well and offers a chance to companies to build on different strengths and to meet challenges.

These sessions are self-contained and are fully coached and well supervised.

For further details please contact the Captain Rob Forde at