Exercise and Safety Tips

Members should bear in mind that while most paddling is done at a gentle pace, it is still a physical activity which works all the major muscle groups and a basic level of fitness and flexibility is required. Generally members should always warm up gently on the erg and do some stretching afterwards in order to be as flexible as possible before getting into the boat.

Members are requested to remember that the river can be a busy and challenging environment and are urged to take care at all times. Members must be confident and able to swim 25 metres in the event of a capsize. Please remember to stay with the boat if possible and head for the nearest bank. If possible head for the north bank which will enable you get back to the club easier. In addition if members see another rower in difficulty they should assist them as best they can without endangering their own safety.

Generally members should endeavour to swim with the boat to the bank, however if members are approaching the weir they should ensure that they first get themselves to the bank.

While capsizes are rare, members should be mindful that they do happen from time to time and indeed the present Captain has been on the receiving end of one or two soakings! As a complement to rowing it is felt that being a competent swimmer is of benefit to the sport. In this regard the more confident people feel on the water the more enjoyable the experience will be.

Members are requested to respect other river users at all times, be they other rowers, canoeists, fishermen etc. In addition the rules of the river must be adhered to at all times. Boats should slip first downstream and spin at Trinity Boathouse before heading upstream. Overtaking of a slower crew should be done on the outside and non-coxed crews should continually check for on-coming crews.

The club would also request that members be respectful of each other and it may be necessary for more experienced club members to be patient while newer club members are learning the ropes. On occasion more experienced members will be placed in boats with less-experienced members and this greatly assists the less-experienced among us.

Rowing also comes with its own language, i.e. back it bowside etc.! so anything members are unsure about they should ask. Experienced rowers can often assume that everyone knows the terms etc. so if you are not sure just ask. Indeed please feel free to ask questions about the sport as to many it will be a learning curve for new rowers and former rowers alike!